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OthBrok is a Creative Branding Agency. 

We Come Up With Strong and Distinct Brand Identities Based On Research And Creative Innovation. 


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We Build

Brands for Visionaries

What do we mean by that?

In short, we think big for people who think big.
Regardless of the style of the client, our same approach and principles apply. We make considered, relevant and long-lasting brands for visionaries of all varieties.

OthBrok exists to find a better way.

With a strong foundation, we can build (practically) anything.

We can do a ton of things, but these are the places we shine:

  • Strategy & Positioning

  • Naming & Branding

  • Environments & Interiors

  • Logo & Visual Identity

  • Copywriting & Brand Voice

  • Packaging & Collateral

  • Caring & Getting People to Care

  • Digital Design & Development

  • Consultation, Speaking & Other Engagements

Every Decision 

Is a Brand Decision

We might seem a little rough around the edges, but we know who we are. These are our core values:

Best Idea Wins.

We champion an idea meritocracy—a good idea can come from anyone. Even you.

Stay Outside.

We approach our work with more questions than answers. By starting with a “beginner’s mind,” we can clear the noise and get to the root of what matters.

Water the Plants.

Regardless of our titles, our job descriptions are simple: make everyone else’s lives easier. How can we help?

Everything is an Opportunity.

Limitations, speed bumps, and course changes are going to be a part of every job. We can either complain, or we can take it to the next level. The choice is ours.


Secret Sauce



OthBrok Design Agency has a docket of over 500+ active clients across industries such as Automobile, Fashion, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Professional Services and Retail.


We are proud to be a homegrown SME! As such, we respect all business endeavors – big or small – priding ourselves on being able to deliver quality service to international corporations as well as fresh start-ups.


Here are some businesses who entrust Verz with their web development needs:

Selected Clients

- Blanco

- Cider & Milk

- White & Yellow Cafe

- D Magazine

- Base

- Kitu

- Hansen Fashion

- Marcus Berg

- Adonis Oil

- Better Bakehouse

- Vito Coffee

- Arte Artifacts

- Seasalt

- Tune Speaker

- Alpha Source

You reached the end of the page! There is no more work here. If you want to

start a project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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