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Infographics, digital experiences

and graphic design with attention to detail.

Digital publishing

The reading experience is evolving and we no longer read on paper only.

Vector illustration

To visualize ideas, build the personality of a brand or help explain or clarify the content.


A useful tool to present information and data to explain a story clearly and visually.

Print design

Combination of images, typography and illustration to create layouts for editorial and communication.

User experience

Digital experiences that enhance the interaction between the user and the product.

We Specialize in

Brand Development, 

Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation

Who we are


We are more than 100+ people from 5 different countries. We’re writers, strategists, producers, creative technologists and wearers of many hats. We’re interested in solving problems of all shapes and sizes, making sure everything we create breaks through the clutter that fills our feeds.

We are a full-service agency with unified capabilities in advertising, strategic planning, direct response, digital, media services, data analytics, design and branded content. Our strength lies not in a type of account, category or even a style of work. Our strength is our ability to help brands impact culture. Below are just a few of our unique capabilities and partnerships that allow us to do so.


Meet our people

Mandar Kadam

Founder & CEO

Any story of success is with forwarding aspiration. I learned colleagues from a different perspective, respected the terms and followed the brand's global trends carefully.


My Business Credential is forwarding an ambition - self-development, training and gathering of knowledge acquired through practice. My main goodness is persistence and systematic work. Success stories start from an ambition, but I feel the ability to overcome it. I’m always open to new challenges.


Our values 

We dedicate our souls to beautiful design, curating a collection of carefully selected projects offering only high quality content that we are truly proud of. We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy. We honor established names and talented newcomers. We grow a community of likeminded believers and design lovers. Join us and share the love. 


Our goal is to curate,

inspire & connect

When we started in early 2014, the reason we did it, was because we thought there was a lack of platforms, that would have a curation on good design inspiration lacking consistent quality inspiration. We couldn't find the right one, so we had to start ourselves, selecting and curating only the best of the best. In 2019 we have set new and even higher goals. Not only that we have quite grown within the last 5 years, but we decided to level up and stay true to our initial goal more than ever before. We are proud to announce the brand new OthBrok Design Studio website with new categories and an overall better presentation platform for our selected curation and a hopefully very pleasing look. OthBrok Design Studio shall be an inspiring experience for all our loyal fans and followers as well as our partners and promoted designers & others. We are also going to publish news and highlights more frequently including all our social media channels and a new exclusive weekly newsletter, that you certainly should not miss. Thank you for all your support


You reached the end of the page! There is no more work here. If you want to

start a project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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