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Alpha Source

Alpha Source Conference is a business conference event company who organises business meetings and events. 


Environmental & Exhibition, Print


Alpha Source




New York

The abstract shape symbolize Alpha meaning in minimal appearance. Also the shape symbolise infinity the eternal source of energy, sense of simplicity and balance. This reminds the endless possibilities. The connecting lines shows network, community and unity which is the valuable point in business event organisation. these half circle shapes are the brand design style which can be expand in every media. Its a brand design language. 


Thus, the Alpha leaders, the ‘Alpha Source’ the place of new innovations.

The Logo

In the technical term the first version of a product (such as a computer program) that is being developed and tested —usually used before another noun alpha versions, alpha testing

In the psychological term Alpha means a strong and dominant, a masculine personality. There are lots of meaning connected to all human emotions.

So, as per the name and its meaning logo should be similar to these meaningful personality. 

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