Vito Coffee

Vito Coffee is an argentine company that came to us for the creation of its visual identity and also its packaging. In the first contact with the briefing, we identified words that translate the essence of the brand: family, origin, delicacy and elegance. The company is run by two twin sisters and for this reason we decided to use inspiration from their biggest family bases, fundamental in the first stages of the project.


Print, Art Direction


Vito Coffee





The logo concept is the first letter from the word Vito in English(V), leaving the dot of the letter V in argentine to reflect the argentine originality, and replacing the dot of the V  with a crown which reflect the quality and the legacy of the family business. Creating the identity meant finding the right balance between the old family business and the new young and fresh look. This duality is reflected in the pastel and fresh colors of the identity and in the sharp pattern which were used in the packages of the coffee beans.The design of the pattern plays with the sharp shape that we have created the logo from in different forms, combinations, and colors.  which were inspired by the Argentine culture as well.

Classic Edition

Natural and Organic 

Net 340g

Strong Edition

Natural and Organic 

Net 340g

Lite Edition

Natural and Organic 

Net 340g

The bags pack a big punch with vibrant colours mixed with unique patterns for each scrub variety. The patterns are reflective of the key ingredient within each blend. We worked hard to create a set of packages that work effectively as a team but also allow each individual product to be a hero on its own.

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