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Tune Speaker

The concept of the design was inspired by the story told by Ryu Jae-yong Audio Master.

I wanted to include the architectural style of Sewoon Plaza, which was originally planned as a residential space, and the appearance of Sewoon Plaza, which is not extinguished during the past manufacturing revival. I wanted to make speaker design, which combines the past, present, and future of the product with the role of a medium.


Art Direction, Print


Tune Sound





The basic circle is formed by flowing the basic circle into an hourglass shape through moderate extrusion, and then enriching the details with the roundness and density of the function. In order to meet the customer's sense of participation and meet the aesthetic requirements, multiple changes during the period are essential. As a designer, it may be easy to obtain a beautiful shape, but it is difficult for the outside world to perceive and accumulate life forms.

In the architectural style of the erected mall, linear elements, protrusions, asymmetries and overlaps are expressed in the overall formative language. We designed a round speaker that conveys futuristic images through acrylic materials and reflects the past, present and future with current trend colors and modern designs.


In addition to the ambient projection, VINDU offers a variety of functions to make everyday life easier. Don‘t just see the weather forecast - experience it in a new way. Get notifications from your messenger or your calendar. Listen to music or watch a movie like watching the night sky. And more!

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