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Adonis Oil

Adonis Oil is a single-estate extra virgin Adonis Oil extracted from the earth of Vrontamas in Lakonia, Greece. Meaning to differentiate itself and stand out for its fine character thanks to its natural ingredients and pure production processes, it sought for a packaging that would tell its story with an artistic and mystical essence.


Identity & Branding, Print


Adonis Oil






The Objective

The main request was to create a premium-quality brand identity, addressing people with high nutrition and taste standards, who are truly concerned about the quality and purity of their alimentation. Acquiring a luxury and mostly artistic sense, the packaging was required to differentiate itself in a market full of good-looking, yet low-quality, competition.

The Solution

As an effort to translate the ancient philosopher's purity in thinking, our design had to be stripped off the visual noise, using on the front side of the container, only the necessary information.

Inspired by the Socratic philosophy, the illustration manages to carry out the sense of transformation,
- knowledge into virtue, value into action - establishing a unique connection between the olive leaves and the figure of Socrates.

Standard and premium lines of Brachia olive oil come in existing glass packagings. Due to segmenting of target groups and to different and specific market placement, two different labels were designed for these two lines. For the standard line, the brand name Brachia with illustration of an olive tree branch appears in the front while the label on the back contains information about the origin and composition of the oil. For the premium line extension, angular labels were designed in which the brand Brachia, partially pressed in Braille varnish, appears with an illustration of an olive tree leaf. The label contains information about the origin and composition of the oil. 

Excusive hand made 0.5 liter packaging of Brachia olive oil is suitable as a gift or a souvenir. The ceramic packaging is shaped as an olive fruit in white coating, with a neck shaped as a small olive branch on which a pendant designed as an oil leaf is affixed. The ceramic “Olive” comes in a cardboard box wrapped in wood structured paper, along with a small metal funnel/cap designed for use after the removal of the original wooden cap.

This product is outstanding in the market because of its re-usability as a decorative and functional object and the packaging stands out due to its design that clearly communicates purpose (an olive fruit for olive oil) and product advantages (white ceramics in an almost pharmaceutical form for a healthy aliment).

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